Braevale Manor

The main residence of Artist Christian Corbet

Built in 1908 “Braevale Manor", an over 8,000 square foot, late Edwardian residence, was built by the wealthy New Brunswick merchant Captain John Black. Designed by Canada’s preeminent architect Edmund Burke (designer of both the Prince Edward Viaduct and Robert Simpson store in Toronto); the house was fitted with a library, 5 staircases and over 60 windows and even a bomb shelter.


“Braevale Manor” has been home to not only the Black Family but also the noted Canadian academic and writer Arthur Motyer, ONB. The third floor has always been a studio from the early days of Florence Black to the present for Christian Corbet.


Notable people who have visited and/or stayed at the manor house include, Lt. Governors, Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood among many others.


Currently Christian Corbet has three studios in and on the properties including an art gallery.

Today, the house and grounds stand as a major source of inspiration for not only the artist himself; but his closest friends and all those who visit during gallery openings, seasonal events and celebrations.

       Architect Edmund Burke      1850-1919

Christmas Time At BRAEVALE

Dr. Arthur Motyer

The last keeper of Broadmoor

sits in what is now christian corbets studio

The Playhouse Studio

Christian Corbet's Summer Studio on the grounds of BRAEVALE

An Autumn Bounty of Apples

From the grounds of BRAEVALE

Changing Skies

The scenery ever changes at BRAEVALE Manor

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